Electronic Hooter

POWER HOUSE offers I.C. Based   Solid State Electronics hooters suitable for control panel / control desk  and other alarm annunciation boards with many unique features. Hooter

Solid State:
Hooters are IC based with professional grade
components and hence more reliable than the
electro mechanical hooters which are subject to
frequent coil burnout.

Low Power Consumption:
Power consumption is less then 25% of
conventional electro mechanical hooters.              Electronic_Hooter_Text

Wide Input Supply Voltage:
Power House electronic hooters are available for different input supply voltage e.g. 12 V. DC to 220 V. AC

Multiple sound (4 in one):
Series PEH4 has provisions for 4 incoming signals
(12 V or 24 V). Positive signals from different fault
location  may  be fed to the hooter. Each fault
condition will trigger a different sound. With
addition of this facility, the attendant can visualize
cause of fault from a distance and may approach with particular tools/ spares for particular fault removal. Thus saving of time.

Continuous Rating:
Power House solid state hooters are tested for continuous operation.

Easy Flush Mounting:
Mounting is suitable for standard meter cutting
size. (92X92 mm)

               Select the ideal hooter
  variety      Selection
   Single sound
Double sound
four sound
Four sound
* Standard supply voltage 12V DC,24 V DC, 30V DC, 220V AC

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Microprocessor based Solid State Alarm Annunciator                                                     Alarm Annunciator Image                                                                     

Annunciator is helpful to understand instantly from one place,
the abnormal conditions of different process parameters i.e.
Temp. Pressure, Tripping of any monitor relays.

The system design is based on CMOS technology providing
highest degree of reliability, ruggedness, flexibility, economy
and aesthetics.

 It has built in Push switches for TEST, ACCEPT, RESET and
Small pizzo buzzer.Test push is for instant versification of entire
system.This triggers signal of all fault conditions resulting in
flashing of all windows and actuation of hooter.External push
switches and hooter can be connected through back connection.

Audio Visual Alarm for
* Process Industry,
* Electrical Panels,
* D.G. Set Panels,
* Chemical Plants,
* Power Plant. Etc,

*Advanced Microcontroller design
*Optically Isolated Inputs
*AUX. 85-265 V AC/DC also available
*Long life super Bright LEDs for each  windows
*Low Power Consumption
*Compact size
*Standard DIN Cut out
*Built in Push switches
*Provision for External push switches
*Interlocking Potential Free Relay

Model No.   PAND2-4    PAND2-6    PAND2-8    PAND1-12     PAND1-16    PAND2-24
Number of Channels         4        6        8          12          16         24

Fault Input                                                          Potential Free N/O contact Can also be designed for voltage (potential) input

Window Size(H X W) 28 x 57mm 17 x 55mm 17 x 55mm 40 x 40mm 40 x 40mm 40 x 40mm
Lamps                                      4 Nos. Of Super Bright RED LED s
Legends                                  Photo negative changeable from front
Flash rate                                                     40 flash per Min
Push Switches       Test , Accept, Re-set push on front panel External/remote pushes can be connected from back terminal
Relay out put                   RL1For Hooter (Potential Free) 5 Amp, RL 2 For Interlocking (Potential Free) 5 Amp
Aux Supply                                 85 V / 110 V / 220 V / 265 V  AC, 12 V, 24 V, 48 V DC (pre-specified)
Operating Temperature                                                           Up to 50 degree C. (Ambient)
Housing     ABS moulded                                                                                                       Sheet Steel Enclosure
Mounting                                 Standard DIN size panel enclosure
Panel cut out(H X W) 185 x 92mm  185 x 92mm  185 x 92mm   170 x 220mm   255 x 345mm    345 x 255mm
Overall size(H X W X D) 190 x 94 x 150mm 190 x 94 x 150mm  190 x 94 x 150mm  183 x 235 x 180mm  280 x 370 x 70mm 370 x 280 x 70mm
Push Button
          Yes           Yes            No           No           Yes           Yes
          No            No            No           No           Yes            No


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