Battery Chargers

 Battery Charger Controller – Series PBCC
Battery Charger controller
Charge controllers are designed for automation of Battery Charging in Panel Boards. Many  electrical control systems requires battery back-ups.

To keep these batteries in healthy conditions, it is desirable that a reliable charging system should e built in. Charge controllers automatically selects mode of charge- Boost/ Trickle. It protect the charging system from over load, Reverse Battery Connection.

Application:                                                            Battery_Charger_Text
AMF Panel,   Relay Panel,
Annunciation Panel.  Five Alarm Panels.

Operating Principal:
Battery Charger Controller series PBCC regulates primary volts of Step down transformer in relation to battery volts and current. It has Constant Current(CC) Constant Volt (CV) mode auto selection. In built circuit checks the current drawn by the battery. If it exceeds the set limit, CC circuits operates resulting in reduced voltage to keep current constant, If current drawn is within the set limit, CC is off and out put voltage will be as per voltage set. This ensures quick charging of battery and no chance of over charging it.

Mains Supply               : 230 V AC +/- 10 % 50 Hz.                 Battery_Charger_Diagram
Battery Volts               : 12 V / 24 V.
Charging Current         : 10 / 15 A.
Sensing                       : a) Battery Volt
b) Current- built in CT
Mode selection            : Automatic Boost/ Trickle
Protection                   : a) Over Load
b) Battery Reverse Connection
LED Indications          : a) Mains
b) Boost
c) Trickle
d) Battery Reverse
Mounting                     : Flash
Terminals                    : Reverse terminals.
Enclosure                    : ABS Molded
Dimensions                 : 96 x 96 x 65 (D) mm
Cut out                        : 92 x 92 mm                                     Battery_Charger_Controller_Diagram

Selection Chart

  Model No.  Nominal
  P/SVoltage V A Rating
PBCC 1210    12V     10A  230/16 V AC   200VA          25A
PBCC 1215    12V     15A  230/16 V AC   300VA          35A
PBCC 2410    24V     10A  230/32V AC   400VA          25A
PBCC 2415    24V     15A  230/32V AC   550VA          35A



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