Lighting Control Equipment


 Function                                                                                                   M3365M-4205
Detects availability of natural lights and switches ON/ OFF lights automatically. Optional built in OFF delay timer is also available.

Auto light operation for External lighting.                                                                    Specification:

• Aux. Supply          : 240 V. Ac.

                                               SELECTION CHART
Model No. Load in VA Sensor Off Delay timer Switching Dev. Housing
PALC 03        300    In Built            No          Relay  Surface
PALC10      1000   Remote            No          Relay  Surface
PALC25      2500   Remote            No          Relay  Surface
PALC10T      1000   Remote          Yes          Relay  Surface
PALC25T      2500   Remote          Yes          Relay  Surface
PALC5R       750   Remote           No          Relay     Rail
PALC5TR       750   Remote          Yes          Relay     Rail
PALC5F       750   Remote           No          Relay   Flash
PALC5TF       750   Remote          Yes          Relay   Flash
PALC10SS     1000   Remote           No      Solid State  Surface
PALC25SS     2500   Remote           No      Solid State  Surface
PLF10SS     1000 No Sensor           No     Solid State  Surface
PLF25SS     2500 No Sensor           No     Solid State  Surface
PLFR10     1000 No Sensor           No         Relay  Surface
PLFR25      2500 No Sensor           No         Relay  Surface

• Sensors                   : LDR
• Timer                       : Optional built in
• Indication LED     : Aux. Supply,
: Out put ON
• Mounting               : Panel / wall/ out door/
• Enclosure              : ABS molded/ sheet steel
• Out put                   : 3 A  to 25 A.
• Auto/ Manual     : Toggle Switch

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