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BPS Servo Controller -Digital is total metering and control solution for servo stabilizers for wide range of input voltage and wide range of load requirement. This reduces production overheads like wiring and testing and increases production rate of the voltage stabilizers.Designed with latest micro-controller technology the servo controller integrates multi parameter meters and servo
AC synchronous motor controller driver.Servo Controller


• Wide Range of Aux Supply from 85-280 V AC (with built in SMPS).

Standard cut out(92 x 92) with low depth-65 mm.

• Digital Multi Parameter Meter with 3 digiit 7 segment Bright displays for -

a) Input Voltage

b) Output Voltage

c) Output Current

• Alarm & Fault indication by LEDs for

a) Over Load

b) Over Voltage

c) Under Voltage

• User programmable parameters:

Digitally programmable at site with push buttons on front panel.

a) Output voltage

b) Hysteresis- range- 0.5 to 5 V

c) Under Voltage cut out

d) Over Voltage cut out

e) Over Load cut out

f) Over Load latch / auto re-set with delay

g) Trip Delay Timer

h) On Delay Timer

i) CT Ratio selectable

j) Password protection

k) On delay time.

• Motor drive-

Triac based servo motor drive.

• Manual mode for field testing.

• Audio- Visual Alarm with Acknowledge/ Silent

• Panel mount Ergonomic design with easy to operate keys


• Single device for metering and control.

• No need PCBs,Switches,Meters.

 Reduces assembly & wiring time by 80%.


• Reduces manufacturing cost by 70%.

• Password protection for securing mishandling by un-authorized persons.

• Generation NEXT look of finished product.

• Enhances reliability .

• Same controller for any voltage or capacity range thus reduces inventory counts.

• Scrolling & Hold option for Display.

• Easy for servicing/replacing at site


Recommended for :                                                                         servo diagram

• Single Phase Servo from 10 KVA and above

• Three Phase Servo from 30KVA and above

• For three phase, 3 controllers are to be connected

with fault connections (9,10) in series.

• Direct drive for Motors upto 10 Kg.

• Standard metering CT to be connected XXX/5



Recommended for :      

• Single Phase Servo upto 10 KVA

• With Built -in buzzer                                                            Servo Diagram 2

• To be connected with electronic CT,

Model No: BCT-501

• Direct power for 12 V Cut-out relay upto 250mA.

• Select relay according to load requirement

• Direct drive for Motors upto 10 Kg.

Technical Specifications:

Aux. : 85 – 280 V AC

Accuracy : Class 1 [+/- (1% of full scale +1count)]  

Resolution : 1 count in 100 or better

Display : 3 Digit 7 seg. display

Triac(motor) : Max. 6 Amp.                           

Weight : 270 gms (approx)                                                    front diagram of servo

Dimensions : 96 x 96 x 65 (D) mm

CT Ratio : 5 Amps. – 900 Amps.(programmable)

Panel Cutout : 92 x 92 mm

Trip relay : 5 Amp. potential free

Buzzer : 12 V DC (Optional potential free)

Burden : 0.5 VA max.

Mounting : Panel Mounting

Ambient : 0-50 º C humidity < 95%

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DC Drive                                                                                        DC_Drive_Image

1/4 – 2.0 HP @ 230 VAC 1-Ph., 50 Hz: 180V armature
1/8 – 1.0 HP @ 115 VAC 1-Ph., 50 Hz: 90V armature
For the operation of Permanent Magnet DC Motors Only.

Series PDCD DC drives are new generation of DC drives for 1/8 – 2 HP motors  and for use on line supply voltages from 230 or 115 V AC.

Series PDCD DC drives are designed using the latest CMOS technology which helps to reduce maintenance, increase product reliability and enables extremely rapid commissioning.

• Easy to handle, Install
• Easy to design into machine equipment
• Fused AC input connections
• Control Speed from:
- 10k ohm potentiometer included with drive (front panel)
- External 10k ohm potentiometer
- External input (0-10 V DC)
- External input (4-20mA DC)
• Speed Regulation
- 1% Speed regulation armature voltage feedback
• Flush mounted operator devices:
- Power on/power off switch
- Power on indicator
- Speed Potentiometer
• On-board LEDs for diagnostics:
- Power-ON indication
- Fault Indication
• Terminal block for easy use
• Monitoring functions:
- Overload
- Minimum Field Current
Optional Setting for:
- Minimum Speed : 0-35%
- Maximum Speed: 75-100%
- Acceleration/Deceleration: 0.5-17 sec.
- Armature over current Trip

Dc Drives are widely used for control of DC motors in various industries like:
Packaging Equipment, Conveyors, Metering Pumps, Take-Ups, Mixers, Material Handling Machines, Exercise Equipment, Feeders, Printing Presses Tapping Machines, Robotics and many more.
Specifications:                                                   DC_Drive_Diagram
Aux. Supply    : 240 V (AC) / 110
V (AC)
Output             : 0 – 180 (V DC)/ 0 -
90 (V DC)
Indication       : LED (Power-ON,
Fault )
Mounting        : Flush
Enclosure       : ABS molded
Dimensions    : 96x192x150 (cut
out 92 x 92
Reset              : By System ON-OFF

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Voltage Monitoring Relay AC 1 Ph. & 3 Ph.

Function:                                                                        Voltage Monitoring relay AC 1 and 3 Phase Relay Image

Detects situation of under voltage and over voltage in the electrical system. The relays have ON delay and Trip Delay timer. Voltage and Trip Delays are adjustable from the front panel.

Enclosure is DIN-Rail Mounting and Panel mounting.


 DG set Automation, PCC, Distribution Boards and where ever voltage monitoring is must.



Voltage Monitor Relay 1 Phase.

Parameters                                               Model  No
Function Under&OverVolt
Aux. Supply                       85-265 V AC/110/240VAC(+20%-25%)
OutPut RelayContact                                                 1CO
UnderVolt             75%to95%(Adj.) N/A 145V+/-5(Fixed)
OverVolt 105%-120%(Adj.)      N/A 105%-120%(Adj.) 235V+/-5(fixed)
TripTimeDelay               1-10Sec.(Adj.)    1-5Sec(Adj.) 2-5Sec.(Fixed)
Power ON Delay                                             1-5Sec.(Fixed)
Re-set                    Auto/Manual           Auto   DelayedAuto
Dimentions(LXWXD)                                         60X70X130MM



  Voltage Monitor Relay 3 Phase.


Parameters                                             ModelNo.
Function Under & Over V(Adj.) Under V (Adj.) Over V (Adj.) Under & Over V (Adj.) +
Phase Failure (Single Phasing)
Aux. Supply                                 85-265 /110/240/380/415/440 V AC(+20%-25%)
OutPutRelayContact          1+1 CO      1CO      1CO             2 CO / 3 CO
UnderVolt        75%to95%(Adj.)       N/A
OverVolt   105%-120%(Adj.)       N/A 105%-120%(Adj.)
TripTimeDelay                                         1-10Sec.(Adj.)
PowerONDelay                                         1-5Sec.(Fixed)
Re-set                                         Auto/Manual
 Dimensions(LXWXD)                                         60X70X130MM








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DC Earth Fault Relay

The relay detects any leakage current in the network  and actuates alarm / trip circuit.

Float cum boost Battery chargers for power plants, Aux. supply DC sources and power supplies for telephone Exchanges are some of the installations where this device finds its application.

•  Aux. Supply      : 240 V (AC) / 110 V (AC)
• Trip current
        : 100mA  – 2 000 mA
• Output
                 : 2 Change-over (Potential free)
• Sensing
               : Through shunt
• Indication
            : LED (Aux. Supply, + Ve, -  Ve, Trip )
• Mounting
             : Flush
• Enclosure
           : ABS molded 
• Dimensions
        : 96x192x150 (cut out 92 x 92
• Reset
                    : By System ON-OFF Switch

Block Diagram:

DC Earth Fault Relay

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DC Current Monitoring Relay

Detects situation of Over Current and actuates trip/alarm circuit.

Float cum boost Battery chargers for power plants, Aux. supply, DC sources and power supplies for telephone Exchanges etc.

• Aux. Supply       : 240/110 V (AC) , 24/12 V (DC)
• Trip Current       : 0 – 75 mV depending on Shunt
• Output                 : 2 Change-over (Potential free)
• Sensing               : Through Shunt
• Indication            : LED (Aux. Supply, Trip )
• Mounting             : Rail /Panel
• Enclosure            : ABS molded
• Dimensions         : 60x70x130
• Reset                    : Manual Reset (Push)


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DC Voltage Monitoring Relay

Detects situation of under voltage and Over voltage. Also  actuates trip/alarm circuit.

Float cum boost Battery chargers for power plants, Aux. supply, DC sources and power supplies for telephone Exchanges etc.

• Aux. Supply          : 240/110 V (AC) , 24/12 V (DC)
• Trip Voltage          : 0-75 V (DC), 80 – 150 V (DC)
• Output                    : 2 Change-over (Potential free)
• Sensing                 : DC source voltage
• Indication              : LED (Aux. Supply, UV, OV )
• Mounting               : Rail/ Panel
• Enclosure              : ABS molded
• Dimensions           : 60x70x130
• Reset                       : Auto Reset

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AMF Control Relay                                                                        

Function:AMF Relay Image
Power House AMF relay: is a solid state, compact electronics device developed to make AMF panel reliable, simple, and easy to operate.

It has built in Mains voltage Sensor, incoming delay timer, starting attempt timer with ON delay and OFF delay, 3 Attempt and lock, DG voltage sensors, counters, logic control etc. Incoming High Voltage supplies are isolated by opto-couplers and out put  connections are through electrotechnical relays.  The relay does not require any separate power supply. It works on DG set starting battery.

Automation of DG sets.


Aux Supply                         :12/24 V DC from DG starting battery
                      : 3 Phase 4 wire.
                                              A) Under Voltage 170 -200 V. (Adjustable)
                                              B) Single PhasingAMF_Relay_Panel_Space
             DG                            : 1 Ph. 2 Wire.
                                              A) Starting signal withdrawal at 75 V. (Fixed)
B) Load Transfer 190 -210 (Adjustable)

Mains Incoming Delay
                                               : 30 – 60 Sec. (Adjustable)
Starting Signal                  A)  On time 3-6 Sec (Adjustable)
B) Off time 3-6 Sec. (Adjustable)
C) 3 attempt and Lock
Ideal running                      : 30-60 Sec. (Adjustable)
Stop Solenoid Timer
                                               : 30-60 Sec. (Adjustable)
Interlockin                           : Logically interlocked
Isolation                              A) Optical isolation for Mains Voltage
B) Optical isolation for DG VoltageAMF_Relay_Block_Diagram
C) Electro-mechnical Relays for out put
Contact Ratings                : 5 Amps
Terminals                            : PCB Mounted for 2.5 Sq mm wire.
Indications                          : A) Mains incoming voltage (each phase)
B) Starting attempt ON time
C) Set fail to start
D) DG set low voltage
E) Load ON DG
F) Load ON Mains
G) Stop Solenoid Timer ON
Enclosure                            : Heavy duty Sheet Steel enclosure finished
with Powder coated.
Mounting                             : Panel (245 x 190 mm)

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AC Earth Fault / Leakage Relay

Function: AC Earth Fault Relay Image
The Relay detects any leakage current in the network and actuates alarm/trip circuit.

Any installation with AC line distribution networking like Mines, Factories, Power Plants, Shopping Malls, Railways- Air Stations, Public Places etc.


Aux                              : 110 V / 240 V. AC +/- 10 %
Trip current                : 1 A-5 A
Out put                        : 1 / 2 Change–over (Potential  Free)
Sensing                      : CBCT/ Individual CT
Power On Delay        : 0-5 Sec. ( Adjustable)
Trip Delay                  : 0-10 Sec. (Adjustable)
Indication                    : LED (AUX. Supply, Trip)
Mounting                    : Rail / Panel
Enclosure                   : ABS Molded
Dimension                 : 60x 70×130 mm
Reset                          : Push Switch
External Reset           : Optional parallel



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Water Level Controller

BWL2T1P a low cost, reliable, IC based water level controllers. It keep constant watch on the water level and switch on or off the pump motors subject to availability of water at the reservoir and requirement level set at the upper tank.Water Level

Working Principle:

Series BWL2T1P is designed to operate with electrode type to sense the water level. Stainless Steel sensors with connector box are installed both at over head tank and reservoir.

No dry run of motor and No over flow of water:

Sensors installed in the reservoir senses the availability of water in it. The sensors at the overhead tank is preset with a level at which the pump is to operate and switch off on reaching upper level. The pump is switched on only if the water is available at the reservoir. The system ensures no over flow from the overhead tank and no motor burn out due to dry running .


The controller has AUTO/ MANUAL/ OFF selection switch on the front panel. Under manual mode pump can be switch on manually, if the switch is in center- Off position, motor remains OFF. This option may be required in emergencies and for cleaning up the electrodes or water tanks.


The controllers has built in protections for

A) Over/ Under Voltage Protection
The controller protects the motor from running at low/ high voltage thus saves the motor burnout.

B) Over Load Protection:
Electronics based over load circuit switches off the motor if load drawn exceeds the pre-set value and thus protects the pump motor from Damages.

The controller is provided with following LED indications:

A) MAINS      B) LOW R


The controllers are housed in sheet steel enclosures finished with Power Coating paints. They are suitable for wall mounting.

Direct operation:
BWL2T1P for Up to 1 H.P. 1 Ph. Phase
BWL2T1PS for 3 Phase motors
(connect with existing starter)

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